Wireless internet security.

  leedaz 13:08 12 Feb 06

BT coming tommorrow to remove Home Highway ISDN and enable BB from 8pm. We have BT Voyager 2091 wireless ADSL router/modem, and Linksys Wireless-G USB Adapter (WUSB54G).
We have 2 desktop PCs which will share only an internet connection (no file or printer sharing needed). I was going to connect 1 with ethernet cable and 1 wirelessly. Can someone please tell me how to stop others (from outside) using the BB to surf. I have read the booklets provided with both bits of kit but they seem very basic.
Once you have entered the SSID and Wireless Network Key (for Voyager) is the router safe from prying eyes? Do we need to take further steps to protect ourselves? Is there a way of limiting outgoing connections to the Internet? (MAC Addresses?). Can someone access our PCs using the router? I have read several pages of info on the subject, but am not entirely happy with my findings. Bit of a novice at networking but have used PCs and internet for years. Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA.

  BurrWalnut 13:38 12 Feb 06

In reality not many people are going to sit outside your house attempting to get connected to your line.

If you were a celebrity or worked in industrial espionage you may have to take a different approach. As you're not sharing files I would just hide the SSID name.

  pipedream 14:57 12 Feb 06

Once you've set up the 'key' (WPA or WEP) on your router, you'll need to do the same with the USB adapter - you'll then be secure. Apparently WEP is easier to crack than WPA, but an intruder would still need to be very determined.

  BurrWalnut 15:36 12 Feb 06

What I should have said is, "additionally hide the SSID name" not "just hide.......".

Also, use a name that's not meaningful, e.g. don't use your name or the dog's name, etc.

  leedaz 06:39 13 Feb 06

Thanks for the responses folks, unfortunately had to dash out after I created the thread, so just getting around to reading them now.

  leedaz 18:49 13 Feb 06

Having some problems. The adapter doesn't seem to want to accept the WEP Key. 1st PC no problem using ethernet cable. 2nd PC ...got adapter installed OK sees access point but won't connect, so I disable WEP and voila, internet connection. Can't figure out why it won't connect using security.Any ideas?

  ade.h 21:08 13 Feb 06

"In reality not many people are going to sit outside your house attempting to get connected to your line."


Happens quite regularly in my town. Plenty of open wifi networks in nice neighbourhoods to be picked from. Some neighbourhoods even get the notorious chalk marks.

The other day, a friend of mine spotted someone stood outside using a small laptop balanced on his arm; he was there for quite a long while, probably using my friend's neighbour's unprotected network.

  keewaa 22:08 13 Feb 06

... and probably surfing dodgey sites... do they care? ...it's not going to come back to them ... your ISP records pointing to child pornography sites ....

It's safer to enable good wifi security as you never know.

  leedaz 09:54 14 Feb 06

Any ideas as to why I can only connect when WEP is disabled? TIA.

  leedaz 10:50 14 Feb 06

Aha!! Just disabled Linksys monitor and used WinXPs and we have connection. Phew. Will leave thread open for a while because it's original purpose was wireless security. ade.h & keewaa any suggestions?

  leedaz 11:01 14 Feb 06

Should just add, using BT BB and phoned help desk 3 times.It is an offshore call centre sounds like India. They were absolutely no help whatsoever. They had problems understanding my thick accent, and I had problems understanding them. When you have limited knowledge of what you are trying to explain to someone it doesn't help doing it in pigeon English. Just a warning to those considering BB. Rant over.!!

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