Wireless Help

  Ian Clark 07:48 04 Apr 11

Outline of my network

wired network
I have a desktop PC connected(wired) to D-Link DIR-615 wireless router and Virgin an Ambit 256 Cable Modem (20Mb service)
HP EliteBook Laptop (connected wireless as well, but is nearly always wired)

wireless network
Asus 1001PX net book
Nintendo Wii

The Problem
Often, the net book will connect to the router but cant access the internet (troubleshoot identifies an issue with the modem?)
I have no idea if the same is happening with the consoles (they hardly ever get used)

If the desktop or the laptop is switched on, this fixes the problem.

What settings need adjusting so that the wireless connection will always work without the wired PC's switched on?

I have splinters in my fingers from all the head scratching

Thanks in advance for any pointers


  961 09:37 04 Apr 11

What operating system on desktop and netbook

  Ian Clark 09:51 04 Apr 11

Desktop is Vista Home Premium 64bit
Netbook is Windows 7 Home Premium

I had the same issue with an old T42 laptop running Windows XP, but it was used so infrequently I never did anything about it

  961 11:18 04 Apr 11

It may be worth seeing if you can sort this with the home network troubleshooter which should be available at least on the (wired)laptop using windows 7

You need to be able to see the home network settings on all 3 computers allowing access to the internet to all. If the netbook shows no access to the internet that is the bit to troubleshoot

When I had similar troubles that was how I sorted it in the end. I seem to remember it was to do with the wireless set up between the various bits. Also I'm not sure if the differences between Vista and W7 may not help

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