Wireless Help.

  tanlan 06:48 11 Oct 07

Not being the most educated re. wireless computing, I need some help please. Does anyone have some simple instructions I could follow to help set this little up ?

1) Dlink DSL2740B router
2) Tiscali broadband currently set up through a Sagem ASDL phone line running on my desk top upstairs
3) Compaq C550 lap top wireless enabled.

Goal - to have the desk top running on braodband, through the router I guess, whilst having the lap top down stairs, wireless. I would also need to load Tiscali through on to the lap top, so would need to load and configure this as well.

Any thoughts, advice or guidance would be extremely welcome. Sorry for asking a probably straight forward questions, but like I say - novice at all this

  Technotiger 08:01 11 Oct 07

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