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  richdeniro 18:28 24 Aug 05

Sorry to sound a bit dumb here but I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to wireless stuff and I'm looking to get some wireless kit with my new laptop.

Basically the telephone line is downstairs in the hallway and I have great big extention lead running up the stairs to my room which *!@:es my mum off a bit.

Can I get a wireless set whereby I plug in something to the phone socket downstairs and then have no wire running up the stairs?

I would also be giving my current laptop to my brother and my mum is looking to buy a reasonably cheap desktop pc over the next couple of months.

Can anyone recommend a decent cheap and cheerful wireless kit to set me up? Preferably from [URL=click here]Savastore[/URL] so that I can order it with my laptop.

Thanks guys.

  Forum Editor 19:03 24 Aug 05

You'll need a power point near the phone socket.
If that's OK, buy a Netgear DG834G wireless router from Savastore (they have them in stock), and set it up using your new laptop and the cable that comes with the router. Once you've done the initial setup, which is simple, and fully explained in the router's instruction sheet, you can disconnect the laptop from the router, leave the router running downstairs, and use your laptop all over the house.
If you get a PCMCIA wireless adapter for your old laptop (or an external USB adapter) your brother can share the internet connection with you, and if your mother orders her new PC with an internal wireless PCI card adapter she can surft the net too.

Great, isn't it?

  richdeniro 19:05 24 Aug 05

Fantastic stuff - Thanks so much.

  richdeniro 19:06 24 Aug 05

Fantastic stuff - Thanks so much.

  Taff36 21:26 24 Aug 05

Just as an alternative check out this post and follow the first link provided by Diodorus. It works for us. click here

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