Wireless headphones for PC

  toogie 12:05 PM 02 Dec 11

My wife listens to the digital radio using cordless headphones and a transmitter plugged into the radio via a jackplug. Can this headset/transmitter be used to listen to music from our PC which is on WiFi and if so how do I set it up? If not what equipment do I need? I am hoping to surprise her with this facility for Christmas so would be grateful for any advice. Thanks

  mgmcc 12:50 PM 02 Dec 11

I would have thought that the transmitter unit and the headphones' built-in receiver would simply emulate a cable connection, in which case it should work just as well when plugged into the PC's sound output jack (usually "green").

Simple answer - "try it and see" (when wife isn't around).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:53 PM 02 Dec 11

No your PC wifi will be a totally different frequency.

However you can listen to the PC from another room in the same way as you do with the Digital Radio, just plug the transmitter into the speaker jack or headphone jack of the PC.

  mgmcc 13:47 PM 02 Dec 11

"No your PC wifi will be a totally different frequency."

I thought OP was asking if the cordless headphones could be used to listen to music from the PC instead of from the digital radio, in which case where does WiFi which is an ethernet emulation come into it?

  toogie 14:06 PM 03 Dec 11

Thanks, I tried the jackplug in the green output jack and it worked fine. In the meantime I have looked around PC World and have seen wireless headphones that come with a USB device (like a memory stick). Does this work as simply as it looks i.e. just by plugging into USB port and the wireless headphones picking up the transmission ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:14 PM 03 Dec 11

usb wireless headphones like this transmit from the usb stick

  toogie 16:14 PM 04 Dec 11

Thanks all. One last question, probably an obvious answer to you all but I am not sure. Is it likely that our existing wireless headphones would pick up the signal from a USB transmitter or is each transmitter and receiver (headphones) uniquely paired ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:32 PM 04 Dec 11

Most wireless headphones have a twin channel button so if they do pick up from the other transmitter then just change channels

  toogie 08:57 AM 05 Dec 11

Thanks everyone. As usual all very helpful.


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