Wireless and ethernet

  Beth 15:09 29 May 12

The office setup is wireless. When the printer throws a wobbly we're stuck until the support chap arrives. (They're good but busy.) There is an old Xerox machine which is not connected to the PC and is used for copying only. I checked the manual for this printer, online, and the connection to the PC is given as enthernet. I don't suppose it's as easy as plugging in an ethernet cable. Is it possible to connect this printer and use it in a wireless setup?

  Woolwell 16:15 29 May 12

Depends on the model of the Xerox, the operating system and availability of drivers. I suspect that you may be able to connect it to the router by ethernet (not to the pc) and then use it. Are you sure that it is ethernet to pc?

  Ian in Northampton 17:25 29 May 12

This is a significant guess, but... I'd imagine the printer is designed to be attached to a corporate Ethernet network, with an IP address etc. That being the case, you would need to browse from your PC using 'add a network printer' to find it on the network, and then attach it. To do that, you'd certainly need to install drivers for it. You may be able to do that by downloading them from the web.

  Beth 23:56 29 May 12

The online manual seemed to be ethernet to PC but I could easily have got that wrong. I just skimmed through it. It did give instructions for searching for an IP address.

We have the set-up CD's so the driver isn't a problem. I can check for an upgrade if necessary.

Thank you. I'm hopeful that I can get this to work.

  Ian in Northampton 08:56 30 May 12

Beth: I've never heard of a direct Ethernet connection between a PC and e.g. a printer (which isn't to say that it's not possible - just that I've never heard of it). You perhaps need to check first that your printer is indeed connected to the network. If it is, then browsing for a printer via the 'add a printer -> network printer' should find it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:22 30 May 12

Does the Xerox have a printer port on the rear? Our old machine did we just connected the laptop or office PC to that to print direct to the copier.

  lotvic 17:43 30 May 12

I suggest you get the support chap to fix it up for you next time he visits your office.

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