Wireless disconnects when transferring large files

  coolteach 23:13 22 Feb 07

My wireless network works fine and never normally disconnects from my laptop. However whenever I try to transfer large files (eg 100meg) from my desktop to my wireless laptop, the transfer never completes as the wireless connection drops momentarilly. I've tried the laptops own software and wireless zero but to no avail. The wireless connection is excellent as long as I don't transfer large files over the LAN. Does anyone have any idea of what else I can try to do to correct this problem?

  coolteach 18:58 23 Feb 07

Forgot to add...

There is no problem transferring the large files through a wired connection though, so I guess that rules out anti-virus software/firewall etc. The wireless router is Belkin F5D7632and the wireless card in the laptop is a Broadcom of some description.

  coolteach 18:56 25 Feb 07

OK, here's the latest on my problem. To summarise, I'm trying to transfer a large file (150Mb) between laptop and desktop via a Belkin F5D7632 wireless adsl modem router. Here's what happens with a variety of conections...

Laptop (Broadcom Wireless) to PC (wired) - FAIL
Laptop (wired) to PC (wired) - FINE
Laptop (wired) to PC (wireless with Belkin USB dongle) - FINE
Laptop (Broadcom Wireless) to PC (wireless with Belkin USB dongle) - FINE

Bizarre! When transfer fails, the wireless connection drops, transfer fails and then wireless connection connects again. The wireless conn. is perfect otherwise.

  coolteach 21:25 26 Feb 07

Here's the latest results...

Laptop (boradcom wireless disabled, using Belkin USB dongle) to PC (wired) - FINE

So the problem occurs only when using Broadcom builtin wireless on laptop to connect to the PC when the PC is wired to the router. However, when the PC is wireless to the router, all it fine. Any ideas anyone?

  coolteach 22:04 06 Mar 07

The laptop, a work one, had to be reimaged for an unrelated issue today. This obviously put the original drivers back on and the transferring large file disconnection problem has been resolved! When I ran Windows update this time, I was very careful not to install driver updates as this caused all sorts of problems with not only the wireless connection but also graphics and IR hardware. The suggested updated drivers are now hidden!

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