Wireless disconnect from Network

  Peants68 22:54 27 Jan 08

I am losing my wireless connection each time I restart. I have to 'Use Windows to configure my Wireless Network setting' each time to connect to the internet.

Can you help me on this please?

In Task Manager 'WinXP Disable Zero' is running the CPU at 99% until I end the process. Is this anything to do with the above?

  brundle 23:05 27 Jan 08

Is your wireless adapter built in or via USB ? Are you using 3rd party software to manage wireless networking? If so disable the Windows Zero Config service. click here
If not look for a patch or driver update for your wireless hardware.

  Peants68 12:14 28 Jan 08

Network adapter is built in - Belkin. What do you mean third party software? I never bought any just installed the Belkin wireless Modem/Router.

I had no problem with getting onto the internet until I upgraded to Windows MP 11, installed Google tool bar and Skype. - Don't know if that is any bearing on it.

Disconnected WirelessZero and that solved problem of CPU but then couldn't get into Wireless Netorks in Wireless Connections Properties.

  Peants68 22:41 28 Jan 08

I've manually configured Ip addresses etc and disabled the Wireless Zero and got a connection to the Internet. Lost the connection again on restart. Downloaded drivers for the Network card.
No luck. Only when I let Windows Configure My Wireless Network Settings do I get a connection then lost on restart. WirelessZero seems to have three start up options Disable, Manual and Auto.

Does this have any bearing?

  woodchip 23:11 28 Jan 08

Have you tried leaving the router switched off over night

  Peants68 14:57 29 Jan 08

Dear Woodchip, What will that do?

  woodchip 16:22 29 Jan 08

just try it

  Peants68 09:25 30 Jan 08

Tried it but made no difference. Did fix the internet connection by letting Windows configure the Wireless Network Settings and unchecking the box in Belkin Wireless Configuration Utility -'Let this tool manage your Wireless settings'.

The problem is still half of the original one in that CPU runs at 100% until I terminate the WinXWireless Zero (99%) tasks each time. Do you have any thoughts on this and do you think it a good policy to turn off the modem/router at night (apart from the green issue)?

  woodchip 17:36 30 Jan 08

No, you only need reboot the router after making changes in the settings, some work without a reboot

  Peants68 21:55 30 Jan 08

Thanks for your advice which has all helped a great deal.

One last item, in LAN or High Speed Internet I have a Wireless Network Connection - Connected - Belkin 802.11g. and 1394 Adaptor showing connected as well. IP/Default Gateway addresses are blank. What is the 1394 Adaptor for?

What is this last one for and can I disable it

  woodchip 22:07 30 Jan 08

Try disabling it by right click. You can re-enable if things do not work out

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