Wireless devices must connect in sequence?

  Qdiddy 22:09 03 Oct 08

Hi all, Some advice please.

i have a buffalo air station WHR-G54S. Desktop is wired, laptop and squeezebox are wireless. Problem is..if I switch on my squeezebox first, the laptop won't connect. But if I switch on the laptop first, the squeezebox connects fine. This is the same whether I use AOSS or not.

Can anyone suggest how I can get both devices to connect regardless of the sequence?

Many thanks in advance.

  Ashrich 22:24 03 Oct 08

Try giving the laptop and the squeezebox static IP addresses in the range of the router , that should stop the IP conflict , which this sounds like is happening .


  Ashrich 22:25 03 Oct 08

...and the desktop as well !!


  dawood 03:40 05 Oct 08

If you do not want to assign the IP manually, then check on the router to ensure you have enabled DHCP setting and allocated big enough IP range. Also check all the desktop, laptop and music player and configure them to obtain IP and network info automatically. Hope it helps.

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  Qdiddy 12:56 05 Oct 08

thank you both for your suggestions...

Asrich, I forgot to mention that I've already set all 3 devices to a static IP, but still have the same issue.

dawood, What do you mean by obtaining the network automatically? I've have a look at my network settings and am not sure which one(s) you are referring to?

Any other ideas?

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