wireless connection,restart required to connect

  aine 16:00 17 Sep 08

Evening all. Every time I boot my PC the wireless connection fails or has limited connectivity. To get a connection I need to reboot the PC. I am using Vista home premium, My wifes PC is connected to the same router but with a cable, she never has this problem.I have done the usual switching the router off, waiting and starting. the wireless extender I have done the same with. Could anyone suggest the possible cause of this nuisance. It has got me baffled. Regards Aine

  Technotiger 16:03 17 Sep 08

In IE Tools>Internet Options>Connections you should have 'Never dial a connection' checked.

  aine 16:23 17 Sep 08

This has always been ticked, this problem only started about a month ago. I originally restored it back about a fortnight ago, made no difference.Any other suggestions would be welcome. thanks technotiger.

  rawprawn 16:35 17 Sep 08

Try resetting the router

  aine 16:53 17 Sep 08

Thanks, do you mean resetting the little button on the rear of the router?, will this mean I will have to setup the router again? Aine

  rawprawn 17:26 17 Sep 08

Yes, and no you shouldn't need to set it all up again. Usually you should press the button for about 5 seconds and it will reset it to default.

  rawprawn 17:36 17 Sep 08

I don't know what kind of router you have, mine is a BT Home Hub and it is no problem to reset it. The only thing is It is WEP default and I have to change it back to WPA

  aine 17:44 17 Sep 08

I have a belkin router f5d7632, my is set to WEP, I am scared to change it in case I mess up the settings completely, the wife would give me some stick

  rawprawn 18:01 17 Sep 08

Sorry I can't be sure, I have never had a Belkin. Perhaps someone else can advise you.
It isn't difficult here are some instructions I got from the internet.
turn on the router and then move to the pc and install the usb dongle, after that do a scan for local wireless networks and connect to your router (this is more than likley called belkin if its a new router, if not its more than likley the one with the best signal)
after that if you have connected ok call up the router in your web browser (defalt for belkin routers is but check the instructions to be sure)
after that it will be the same as using a wire only downfall is every time you change a setting that requires the router to reset you will disconnect for a short time before you can gain access again.

ps leave security till last and make sure you write down the setting correctly before saving the settings.

  aine 15:41 20 Sep 08

Thanks all for your help. All sorts of things where tried and failed. I have connected my pc to the router by cable and bingo, a connection. My Wifes PC connected the same way, still refuses to connect. My ISP is sending me one of their routers, then they will be able check the settings, to confirm if errors occur. Perhaps I should close this thread until such time as the new router appears if the problem still exists, I shall have to call on your help

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