Wireless Connection Problems

  vandango 20:20 05 Dec 06

Hello, I have just got a new Dell Inspiron Laptop and are trying to connect it to my Netgear DG834G Router but are having no luck. The laptop see's a neighbours wireless router but not mine. The wireless is turned on on the router and the wireless led is lit both on the router and laptop. Any ideas as i'm really stuck?

  FreeCell 20:42 05 Dec 06

Has your router been set to not allow transmission of the SSID?

The fact your laptop can see neighbours wireless would indicate it is okay. Is there anotrher PC that can see your wireless SSID?

  vandango 20:43 05 Dec 06

the router has been set to allow transmission, unfortunatly I only have the laptop to check for connectivity.

  Technotiger 20:49 05 Dec 06

Try resetting the Router - disconnect Routers Power connection, wait 10 seconds then re-connect Power and try again.

  skidzy 20:51 05 Dec 06

Open the netgear's configuration page and find the channel number and select something like 3 or 6 or 11

  vandango 20:52 05 Dec 06

no joy i'm afraid, it has worked before for wireless connection with a friends xda that I was fiddling with

  skidzy 20:53 05 Dec 06

More configuration help here click here

  skidzy 20:59 05 Dec 06

Have you entered the security encrytped code known as either WEP/WPA.

If you have security enabled on the pc,you need to transfer the setting across to the laptop.

  vandango 21:00 05 Dec 06

the security settings on the router are currently set to disabled, also tried channels 1-13 with no luck

  FreeCell 21:13 05 Dec 06

Have you tried typing in an SSID to see if it will identify it? Think default for Netgear is Wireless (note uppercase first letter)

  vandango 21:15 05 Dec 06

sorry you've lost me a little now, type the SSID into where?

I have read the Netgear info and yes Wireless is the default

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