Wireless connection on modem not working

  cugel 24 Apr 12

Hi, I bought a smartphone a couple of months ago, it connects to the web with 3G with no problems. However I can't get it to connect with my modem. I have ticked the phone settings to look for available WiFi and it picks up the name of my modem but says it's disabled, secured with WPA/WPA2 PSK. The phone can't connect to my modem.

Don't know if this is relevant but I have my computer connected with Homeplugs.


  mgmcc 25 Apr 12

Is the phone Android or Apple and have you entered the router's WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryption settings into the phone?

  cugel 25 Apr 12

I'm afraid I don't know that password for the modem. The phone is android. It says the the modem is disabled but it doesn't ask for the password either.

  mgmcc 25 Apr 12

Go into the "Settings" app and select "Wireless & networks". Make sure that WiFi is turned on and it should list all the networks that it sees. Tap the one whose SSID matches that of your router and it should then bring up a box in which to enter the encryption key.

If you haven't changed the router's encryption key, it may be in a label on the underside of the router.

  cugel 25 Apr 12

Cheers, yes I have done all those steps in the 'Settings' but it doesn't ask for a password, it just lists my modem SSID and says it is disabled and doesn't ask for a password. Tmobile shop didn't know what the problem is either. I have changed the encryption key but stupidly lost what it is.

  mgmcc 25 Apr 12

"Tmobile shop didn't know what the problem is either"

Were they able to get the phone to connect to another wireless network?

  onthelimit1 26 Apr 12

You can change the router back to factory settings. What make/model is it?

  cugel 28 Apr 12

@ mgmcc - yes my phone has connected to wireless in town library.

@ onthelimit1 - the modem is a D-Link 2640B.

  onthelimit1 28 Apr 12

See here for how to reset enter link description here


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