Wireless connection - modem help!!

  CutNpaste 17:41 20 Jun 05

i got the wireless linksys - broadband router.
and i have the bt voyager adsl modem - which doesnt have any ehternet ports.
The manual for the router says to plug the modems ethernet port to the wireless routers internet port. But obviously i dont have a ethernet port on the modem.

Is there another way round??


  briggzy 20:19 20 Jun 05

Hi, seems as though you have the wrong type of router, you need an adsl router and the type you have appears to be for cable broadband.

  CutNpaste 20:46 20 Jun 05

it says its for both

  Dipso 21:41 20 Jun 05

Sorry but there's no way of adapting your existing hardware to do what you want. Your options are to either buy an ethernet modem or return the router and replace it with a combined modem/router. ie. the Linksys WAG54G

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