Wireless connection to local PC prevented by external wireless connection

  johnincrete 16 Jan 12

At my daughter's school there is a wireless network linking the computers in each classroom. The laptop in the most distant classroom picks up the network but also one from a nereby state school. We don't seem to be able to connect to the local network as it has poor reception. We fitted a USB airial thing and it worked OK. Now, after a reboot, it's back to the state school network. How can we force the laptop to connect to the local network instead of the state school one?

Depending on your operating system, there is an option to 'force' your PC to connect to the network of your choice. In W7, for example, go to 'Network and Sharing Centre' in Control Panel, click on 'Manage wireless networks'. You should see a list of all those within range. Right click on the network you want to connect to, click on ' Properties' and tick the box marked 'Connect automatically when this network is within range'. There are similar facilities in XP and Vista.

  Secret-Squirrel 16 Jan 12

"How can we force the laptop to connect to the local network instead of the state school one?"

Firstly John, you'll need to tell us the Windows version on that laptop. Let us know too whether you're using Windows's own built-in wireless connection utility or a third party's. If it's the latter then let us know the name.


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