wireless connection to laptop from ethernet router

  Madhuri 18:34 19 Jan 06

I have ethernet router through which i am connecting to internet to my desktop and also to my Laptop using a cable wire. I would like to have a wireless internet connection to my Laptop.

Could anyone of you please help in succeeding this task.

  Xevious 18:45 19 Jan 06

replace your router with a wireless one. you will also need to ensure hat your laptop has got wireless on it, if not, you will obv need to get a wireless card to put in it.

what OS have you got?

  Madhuri 18:54 19 Jan 06

I cannot replace router with wireless one as Internet service provider cannot provide wireless. Is there any way to connect to accesspoint from Ethernet router and from accesspoint I can connect to Laptop wireless.

My Laptop has got wireless in it.

  ade.h 20:31 19 Jan 06

"....Internet service provider cannot provide wireless"

That's not up to them. You would normally use a modem/router, unless you have an ethernet modem from a cable provider, in which case you just use a router without the built-in modem.

  ade.h 20:32 19 Jan 06

Your first post does not clearly explain your exact configuration and what equipment you have.

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