Wireless connection of Kindle 3 to Belkin router

  Spock999 22:09 PM 14 Dec 10

I have a home network based around a Belkin Wireless G+ MIMO Modem Router (Code form label is F5D 9630-4 vers 4001uk).

My daughter has bought a Kindle 3 and it will not connect via wireless. Amazon have concluded that I need a firmware update of the router because the Kindle is picking up the wrong date/time from the router.

I have looked on the Belkin website and it doesn't appear to recognise the code above. How can I determine which firmware I should have? It is currently running 4.07.031 (Jan 15 2007).

Gratefukl for any advice. Thanks in advance.

  Spock999 13:53 PM 16 Dec 10

Thanks Lazarus but I am not completely sure. The picture looks right but the code isn't right.

See click here . This is a picture of the router and the back label blown up. Perhaps I need to be looking for F5D9630-4 since the ver 4001uk is a sticky added afterwards.

What do you think?

  Ford Prefect 01 08:57 AM 18 Dec 10

Found this on Belkin's UK site

The update appears to be what you have at the moment though.

click here

Installation instructions here

click here


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