Wireless connection issue

  Thatslife 21:04 15 Mar 10

My wireless devices (Base, Laptop, ipod touch, PS3) keep dropping the wireless connection. As I type now, the wireless signal is excellent however, this will soon drop to nothing and i will lose my connection.

Before I replace my router (Netgear wgr614v7), is there anything I can do to help solve the problem? I've updated the latest firmware.

I can't see any obvious similarities between the devices, one runs Windows 7, one Vista, then there#s the PS3 and the ipod.



  ashleycardwell94 21:19 15 Mar 10

did you have the problem before you updated the firmware?

  Thatslife 21:23 15 Mar 10

Yes - It#s the reason I updated it. I never used to have the problem.

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