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  Abel 19 Jul 11

A friend and I have recently changed our ISPs to BT. Although both of our BT modems are wireless capable, my system is wired and his laptop used wirelessly. Neither of us has ever used wireless systems before. Attempting to help my friend download some security applications in my house the other day, I was unable to connect to the Internet using his wireless system. I am now told that because each of our wireless systems is protected, I must key-in to his laptop some code or other of mine to enable his laptop to be used in conjunction with my modem. Would some kind individual please tell me if this is correct and also tell me what code, where to find it and where I should key it in to his system?


  retep888™ 19 Jul 11

Look under/behind the BT Home Hub ,there should be a row of mixture of 10 digits of letters & numbers,these are your wireless login password.

  tullie 19 Jul 11

If its a homehub 3,there is a pullout tab on the back of the router with all the info you need,it is all explained clearly when you set it up.

  Abel 19 Jul 11

Many thanks retep888 and tullie. Got the info, but where do I key it in to my friend's machine.


  Ashrich 19 Jul 11

Scan for wireless networks on your friend's PC , when you see your wireless router double click on the entry , it will ask you for the key , input the details you have and click on Ok , that should take you in .

  retep888™ 19 Jul 11

Quoted from BT website:

Even if you don't use the BT setup CD, it shouldn't be too hard to connect computers to your wireless network. In Windows XP or Vista a small bubble will appear in the bottom right of your screen letting you know that your computer has detected a Wi-Fi network. If it doesn't, double-click on the wireless icon at the bottom right of the screen, and select "View Wireless Networks".

Look for the name (sometimes called the SSID) of your BT Home Hub, which is printed on the back of the hub and on the wireless settings card. Once you see this in the list of wireless networks, double-click it - now all you should need to do to connect is to enter the wireless key, also printed on the Home Hub and the settings card.

It's just as easy to connect an Apple Mac. Just click the Wi-Fi icon in the top-right of the menu bar and choose your network name from the list. Again, you'll need to provide the wireless key printed on the hub and the settings card.

  Abel 23 Jul 11

After much frustration, I became aware that although my BT hub was wireless capable my computer wasn't. That little bubble that retep888 included in the BT quote was the key. I plugged a dongle, bought some months ago, into a USB port and low and behold, several wireless networks appeared on the screen, including my BT3 hub. What to some may appear quite a simple exercise was quite a steep learning curve for me. However, I now have a better understanding of wireless connection thanks to the contributors to this site. My thanks again.



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