Wireless connection is dropped

  jmsmith87 07:32 29 Nov 10

Hi! I'm new to the forum and after reading through some of the connection problems, I can't seem to find my answer.

I have both an HP laptop and a brand new Sony Vaio. My HP quit wirelessly connecting to our router about 2 months ago so I figured I would get a new laptop instead of buying a new internal wireless adapter. So I bought the Vaio. That too is dropping connection randomly. Most of the time it connects but every once in a while I will lose connection completely and when I click on the Network and Sharing bubble that pops up, it says there are no connections available. So I restart my Vaio and it seems to be fine. But I don't understand why it can't find any connections when normally there are at least 6 to choose from (neighbours). Does anyone know why this is happening? My husband has a laptop as well (not sure the brand) but it doesn't drop connection like this. Did I get a faulty Vaio? Is there interference between my routers? We have a Sky router and a Belkin that we use. The Sky can't handle the load so we plugged in the Belkin as well. I will have more info when I'm able to talk to my husband as I don't know much about computers LOL. Thanks!

  tullie 12:35 29 Nov 10

This is interesting,i dident know that you could have two routers plugged in!Be interesting to read from someone more knowledgeable.

  jmsmith87 12:42 29 Nov 10

Okay, so we don't have 2 routers plugged in. That was my understanding that they were both routers because I can connect wirelessly to both but that was my misunderstanding. The Sky one is our modem and the Belkin is our router. But I just had the problem again. It's almost like the network adapter in my Vaio turns off when it pleases, usually at the worst possible moment. But I don't understand why I am having the problem with 2 different laptops by 2 different companies. That's why I asked if it was my modem or router, not the laptop itself.

  proudfoot 14:33 01 Dec 10

Try changing the wireless channel a lot of adapters default to channel 6. I had a similar problem I changed to channel 11 in my case this cured the problem, though any channel may be suitable.

  Ashrich 22:43 04 Dec 10

If you are using battery only then it may be the power saving settings kicking in , try turning this off in either Power options in control panel ( look for wireless settings ) or in the Advanced tab in device manager ( network adapters )


  jmsmith87 06:48 05 Dec 10

Thank you for the advice st-clares and Ashley. I don't seem to be having the problem with my Vaio anymore. What I have been doing is turning the wireless switch off before I shutdown the laptop and turning it back on when I start it up again. No problems since. Problem solved! =)

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