Wireless connection - cannot access internet!

  lizzyr 18:07 31 Dec 04

I have got a wireless connection through an access point hardwired to broadband modem through ethernet. Connection is established on all pcs, but cannot access the internet. Any ideas on how to access? Thanks

  toni b 18:37 31 Dec 04

What operating system are you using?
Have you configured the access point as per start up guide?
What access point is it brand and model number?
Can you connect directly to internet with out using the access point? (this to establish your internet connection is working)....

  lizzyr 18:59 31 Dec 04

I think i have confirgured the access point i can contact to wireless network on all the pcs but cant access the internet all i have is a connection.(think i may have just a step to go but dont know what the step is) operating system is windows xp with sp2 on some of the pcs. Access point is it netgear me102. Can connected to the internet with out access point.

  toni b 19:12 31 Dec 04

Generally when you configure a wireless access point first you need to physically connect to one of the computers and configrue the access point so that is can detect the computers settings has this been done?? it appears that as you can see all the other computers but cant access the internet that you will need to congfigure access point correctly.

  lizzyr 19:20 31 Dec 04

the access point i configure by connecting it to one of the pc rename the ssid to be specifc and so on. any more ideas. is there something i have to do on each of the pc to see the internet.

thanks for your help so far.

  toni b 19:26 31 Dec 04

The one computer that you configured the access point with ,was it able to connect to the internet then ??

  toni b 19:50 31 Dec 04

Also on each computer have you added the name of the network (ssid) so the wireless card knows to connect to that network?( if you right click on the wireless network icon and "view availble wireless networks" can you see the name of the network ?

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