Wireless connection Advice

  Dollybird 13:44 10 Jul 05

I would like a bit of advice! My brother
lives next door to me and is thinking of buying
a PC. Would a wireless connection from my PC to
his work? If so what equipment would I need.
My connection is Wanadoo 1 mbps broadband.


  Forum Editor 14:01 10 Jul 05

you would be contravening the terms of your contract with your ISP if you did this. The connection is specifically for use at your address.

If however your brother was say, at the end of your garden with his laptop, and you wanted hime to have access to your connection that would be OK - and in those circumstances he would need a wireless network card in his computer. You would need a good wireless router, one with a wide range. The ideal model would be a Belkin MIMO Pre-N router.

You mustn't set up a network with your next-door neighbour however, even if he is your brother.

  pj123 14:03 10 Jul 05

My friend has two computers (his and hers) about 50ft apart. He has the Belkin router installed on his PC click here

and the adapter installed in "hers". click here

Works perfectly. But note: the main computer must be booted and running for the second computer to be able to access the internet. Having said that both machines can access the internet at the same time.

  Dollybird 14:31 10 Jul 05

Forum Editor

We live on a farm and technically his "pad" has the
same address. We use same telephone connection - a
long extension. I will take on board your advice.
He may have to continue using my PC, or buy a loptop for the patio!


  Forum Editor 16:25 10 Jul 05

Provided the second computer is at the same postal address there wouldn't be a problem. What ISPs are trying to avoid is people setting up wireless networks and charging their neighbours a fee for access. That's classed as reselling, and is contravention of your agreement with the ISP. To make absolutely sure, they prohibit networking to other addresses, even if you don't charge for the service.

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