Adz1310 13:31 22 Oct 05

Hi Guys,
Just asking this on behalf of my sister. We have a wireless connection within in the house. She rarely shuts her laptop off , just puts it on stand by. then wonders why her wireless connection doesnt always work. she thinks by powering down the router this will help. though i think she just needs to re-boot her laptop ever so often to fix the problem. Any one know the answer? thanks

  mgmcc 14:26 22 Oct 05

If she's using Windows XP, she should be able to double click the "Wireless Network Connection" in the Network Connections folder, select the Support tab and click the "Repair" button. Doing this should renew the IP address and get the wireless connection running again.

  Adz1310 14:30 22 Oct 05

thanks Ive tried that but still to no sucess, but if you reboot seems to work fine?? if that makes sense to people?!?!

  splork 14:37 22 Oct 05

IS the wireless for the laptop running off a PCMCIA card, built in hardware, or a USB transmitter?

  Adz1310 14:51 22 Oct 05

a PCMCIA card

  LivEviL 15:56 22 Oct 05

haha i like it a fight between siblings has come to the forum! in the blue corner the brother of the family and in the red corner the sister of the family! who will win the argument of switching of to powering down who knows! but my bets are on the brother! i'd would also agree that if u are to click repair that should fix it! but seeing as u'v tried it mayb its just part of the querky things of XP mayb u just have to give it a second before trying to connect when u wale it up! i know on my pc if i start it up and start clickin around too quick the network connection isnt seen aswell as the printer! so in a sentance go the blue team!

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