Wireless connected but cant access internet.

  weemac27 22:15 07 Nov 05

My daughter has wireless internet access in her Hall of residence. She has managed to connect her laptop to the system but cannot access her MSN account.We are not computer buffs at all and I am sure there is a simple solution.HELP!

  Minkey1 23:36 07 Nov 05

Can your daughter get any pages ? Is she a fresher ? Our daughter similarly had problems to start and it was the Uni's IT Dept taking a while to "add" each new user's MAC addresses to their access control list. Can any of the other students connect ? If the college has an IT contact she might be well advised to invest a pint in exchange for some help !


  weemac27 23:49 07 Nov 05

She can't get any pages and the IT helpdesk is"virtual" and seem reluctant to come out of hiding!She is a fresher so no shortage of booze around-the bribe may just work! I will check to see that her registration has gone through. Thanks

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