allalongthewatch 15:56 24 Nov 08


I am new to wireless setup and am having some issues with acessing the internet on my laptop. I use the utility warehouse broadcall service but have to access this using a dialup moden (Thomson Speedtouch 330)- apparently broadband service isn't fully functioning in my area.

I purchased a D-LINK DSL-G604T ADSL router, connected it to the back of my main computer with the ethernet cable and have two ADSL filters attached to the telephone socket in this order:

Telephone/ADSL line from DSL-G604T----->

ADSL filter connection/ADSL line from Speetouch 330--->

telephone line socket.

Initially, having set up "Connection 1" as a PPP0A connection (in D-Link wireless ADSL router admin) and having input my Utililty Warehouse broadcall username and password, a wireless signal was emitted.

I managed to connect to the wireless network using my laptop (Acer Aspire 3000) and was able to surf the net without problems.

Now, although my laptop appears to be connected and I am receiving packets, I cannot use the internet. Each time I try I get the message 'Cannot find server or DNS error.'

I have ensured that the wireless settings on my laptop allow automatic detection of IP/DNS server addresses and LAN settings and I have turned off the firewall but to no avail.

The PPP and PVC settings appear to be correct as per my ISP.

My laptop is listed as a DHCP client on the on the D-Link wireless ADSL router admin screen and I have 2 DNS server addresses.

Could anyone advise me on what to try next?! I would really appreciate some advice and feel clueless!

Thank you in advance,

  mgmcc 20:21 24 Nov 08

You *CANNOT* have two ADSL Modems (USB Modem and Modem/Router) connected simultaneously to the phone line, which you appear to be doing. Only the Modem/Router should be connected.

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