wireless broadband without a phoneline

  Tarik 17:58 17 Oct 06

Does anyone know of any wireless broadband packages that do not require a landline to be installed? I make and receive all my phone calls on my mobile (I'm in Edinburgh) and therefore do not want to be paying line rental for a landline that I do not need. Thanks for any help.


  Jackcoms 18:11 17 Oct 06

There are really only 2 alternatives to a landline:

Cable or satellite and the latter is b****y expensive

  mammak 18:13 17 Oct 06

Being in Edinburgh you can get cable it would be a far cheaper option to say satellite.

  Jackcoms 18:20 17 Oct 06

Having said that, if you make all your phone calls by mobile, you've evidently got money to burn.

Why not have a look at the many BB and phone combined packages which are available?

They'll probably work out cheaper that using a mobile all the time.

  Fingees 20:55 17 Oct 06

If you use a laptop, you may find a few hotspots where you can use it wirelessly.

BT provide a few in various cities.

Or find an Internet cafe, or such.

most charge about £4.50 per hour.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:46 17 Oct 06

Vodafone 3g card click here

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