wireless broadband network

  Lardy FB 23:41 11 Mar 04

I have recently installed a netgear wireless broadband internet connection supplied by Telewest, my daughter would like to have the internet connected to her pc in her bedroom. Is there a piece of kit that I can buy to network her computer up to mine? as always, would be very grateful for any help.

  agarm11 23:52 11 Mar 04

If u have a wireless BB router already, then u just need a Wireless PCI card for the other PC.

  byfordr 23:57 11 Mar 04

What netgear wireless router???


  Lardy FB 00:01 12 Mar 04

I have a transmiter/receiver on my cable box and one on my pc (usb) is one of these a router?

  byfordr 00:10 12 Mar 04

Which model? click here may help to indentify it. (And therefore what wireless type it is)


  JerryJay 00:14 12 Mar 04

byfordr is right, you need to tell which model you have then other can figure out a way to help you. Is your daughter's PC laptop or desktop.

  Lardy FB 00:48 12 Mar 04

it's an me 101 and the daughters pc is a desktop

  Lardy FB 01:44 12 Mar 04

would any one know if the netgear ma111 (usbconnection)would pick up the signal from my me101?

  byfordr 07:57 12 Mar 04

me101 is a wireless bridge ma111 is a usb adapter
(all wireless b standard)

I used to use a me101 with a 824m router/modem/wireless/firewall (Now inherited by my Dad) You could probably do a adhoc network this way but some form of router would be preferable. click here=

All depends whether you have a external modem.


  JerryJay 11:05 12 Mar 04

You already have a wireless network, the transmiter/receiver on your cable box should be a Wireless router, me101 is just a wireless adaptor to "link" your PC with Wireless router although it called bridge. What you need a a wireless adpator for your daughter's machine, yes MA111 is the right one. MA111 will communicate with router on cable box not me101.

This is for normal set up. However, if the transmiter/receiver on your cable box is NOT a router. I do not know what is telewest's set up. It maybe just another bridge which only communicates with me101, you need to check this out. If this is the case, you have two options (1) Get a wireless router/Access Point to replace transmiter/receiver (or connect to if you cannot replace) ME102 is the one if you want to stick with Netgear, of course you need ma111 for your daughter's PC, this is the proper way. (2) Get two MA111, one for you and one for you daughter and "network" two pcs by them (so called adhoc network) and your daughter will access internet through your PC if you set up internet connection sharing and let you daughter has access. But I do not think this is a good way.

  Lardy FB 16:49 12 Mar 04

I have a me 102 on my cable box so are you saying with this I can use the ma111 ? I'm getting very confused about all this!

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