Wireless broadband help

  AAD1980 23:43 04 Aug 06

can anyone explain to me how wireless broadband works. i have a computer in a room without a telephone point so i run a cable (extension cable) through the house to the computer. can i run a wireless modem from a telephone point to my computer in another room. everything i read seems to assume the computer is near to a telephone point of which you use wireless to comunicate to another pc.

  dms05 07:31 05 Aug 06

Your Wireless Broadband Router is best placed near your telephone point. You will need your computer near it, to set it up through a cable.

Once you have set it up, including the Wireless section, you can disconnect the cable and use the Wireless connection. You don't need a computer connected by cable to your Wireless Broadband Router for the Wireless section to work.

I'm doing exactly that.

  FelixTCat 08:35 05 Aug 06


The point of wireless networking is to do exactly what you suggest. You can set up a wireless modem at the telephone point and have your computer anywhere within wireless range.

In all practical senses it works like a wired network, except that it is slower. However, it is much faster than your internet speed, so simply to use it to connect to the internet causes no problem.

It is also less secure than using a cable because you are using transmitted radio signals which anybody else within range can intercept. It is therefore essential to have security on the wireless link.

It is recommended that the wireless modem is set up through a wired connection first, but by no means essential. The reason is that it is easier to reconnect with a wired connection when you are setting up wireless security - the settings have to be EXACTLY the same at both ends and if you make a small typing error you could lock yourself out of the wireless modem.

In your case, it would be sensible to start the modem in the same room as your pc, on the end of the long phone wire and, when it is working, move it back to the phone point. If you buy a wireless modem router (with adsl modem if adsl broadband) it comes with the cables you need.



  AAD1980 08:50 05 Aug 06

thanks guys, thats really helped going to buy one now.

  ade.h 10:42 05 Aug 06

"It is recommended that the wireless modem is set up through a wired connection first, but by no means essential."

It is essential with most routers. Voyagers and Netgears are the only exceptions that I have worked with.

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