Wireless Broadband

  ponytail 16:36 14 Aug 10

My wife is going to get a small laptop that she can use round the house and in the garden my BT router is suitable for wireless so is it possible to use my PC wirelessly and if so what do I need.

  tullie 16:40 14 Aug 10

You need to install a wireless card,however,if the router is next to the pc,its pointless.

  rdave13 16:52 14 Aug 10

You can still use the PC via the ethernet cable and the laptop wirelessly.

  Batch 17:11 14 Aug 10

You don't need to install a wireless card, a wireless USB dongle will do (see click here for example).

But as rdave13 says you don't have to go wireless. In fact it is recommended that you always have one wired connection set-up (even if you don't always use it), as wireless can occassionally be temperamental and you really needed a wired connection to be certain of being able to log on to the router and resolve problems.

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