Wireless BB - Should I disconnect?

  Whaty 22:56 14 Nov 06

Possibly a daft question but...

I've just moved to wireless BB through a BT home hub (as advertised on TV). When not using the internet is it good practice to disconnect via the hub, the BT wireless connection manager, the wi-fi switch on the computer or, do I just leave it connected?

BTW I always turn my PC off when I've finished with it for the day...


  Tim1964 23:23 14 Nov 06

As long as the SSID broadcast is set to 'off' and you have encrytion set up I'd leave the hub on.

  lester1 00:35 15 Nov 06

You should leave your router switched on if you don't then will have reconfigure.The homehub automatically searches for firmware upgrades, switching it off will corrupt the hub settings if an update is being downloaded.

  Whaty 11:43 15 Nov 06

Thanks... Sorry I've not replied sooner.


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