Wireless adaptor driver (xph)

  skidzy 19:34 12 Jun 08

Hello gang

Got a small problem regarding a driver.

Ok just built a new xp test pc for the workshop and seem to have mislaid/lost the usb wireless adaptors driver disc.Ive had a look around Google and still no joy.

Model of the adaptor;

Cable and Wireless USBA10CW3

Now i know my way around a pc but never copied an installed driver before....... is this possible.Reason i say this,the driver is installed on the previous test machine,now if i can get this off that machine...everything will be ok.........i hope !

Cheers for looking everyone and thankyou.

All ideas are greatly appreciated.

  Technotiger 19:59 12 Jun 08

Hi skidzy, if you can locate the driver on the other machine, can you not copy it to a CDRW disc or flash drive to put it into the test pc?

  rossgolf 20:00 12 Jun 08

try searchin the net for a driver backup. there was one a while ago on give away of the day which searched the computer and stored all of the drivers

  skidzy 20:11 12 Jun 08

All sorted guys thankyou.
Found a driver that works,currently posting from the new test machine.
Will post back the driver that works in a while...(when i can find it again Lol :-)
Thankyou both.

  skidzy 20:16 12 Jun 08

Ok back indoors and here is the driver that works absolutely fine click here

Took some digging around though.Hope this helps someone in the future.

Thanks again guys.

  Technotiger 21:01 12 Jun 08

Best Bookmark it then! Cheers :-))


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