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  truane 07 Oct 11

I am trying to find a device that can take an ethernet cable from my cabled router and provide a wifi signal for my home. I don't want a wireless repeater because I don't have wifi at the moment. I need something to convert from cabled LAN to wifi, as it were. Different terms are being used to describe these devices and I can't seem to sort them out. Any makes and models, please?

  onthelimit1 07 Oct 11

Would not the easiest be to change your existing router for a wireless one? EG - this one

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 07 Oct 11

Cabled router?

Who is your broadband supplier?

Do you have a fibre optic cable to your modem then cable to router and then able to PC?

or a phone line to router and cable to PC?

  truane 07 Oct 11

My ISP is Plusnet and I have a phone to modem-router, then ethernet to PC's. Yes, one option would be to change the modem-router for a wireless one, but it would need to have at least 2 ethernet ports because our PC's have no wifi and I would need to be absolutely certain that any such replacement would be compatible with Plusnet. I have, in fact, already bought one such a device, but, despite assurances, it turned out to be hard-coded to Tiscali. I have tried hard and soft resets, but to no avail. It will only work into Tiscali.

  onthelimit1 07 Oct 11

Your setup is not cable, but ASDL. The router I suggested would be fine and has 4 ethernet ports.

  Woolwell 07 Oct 11

Most routers have 4 ethernet ports. Which model router do you have? Did you get it from Tiscali or buy second hand?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 07 Oct 11

You need an ADSL wireless router Netgear Linksys Dlink are all good make and any of these will work.


  truane 07 Oct 11

The Tiscali router I got second-hand. It is a Thomson TG585 V7, which is a model previously supplied by Plusnet and that's why I got it, thinking it would be compatible. I did not bargain on the Tiscali "connection".

I think I had better find out which wireless 4-port router Plusnet is currently supplying and go for that one. Might save a lot of messing around.

Thanks for all your suggestions.

  onthelimit1 07 Oct 11

'The router I suggested would be fine and has 4 ethernet ports'

As you are not on cable, I should have said the ADSL version of the router in the link would be fine! ( and also has 4 ports)enter link description here


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