ms1013 22:12 07 Mar 09

Hi, as i said in another post i have restored my computer back to factory settings. The computer had wireless internet, but now wont connect me. just wondered if i had to redo anything. Hope you can help

  User-1229748 23:54 07 Mar 09

did you turn your router off for a few minutes and then restart it?

  Graham. 23:59 07 Mar 09

You will have to re-install your ISP settings from the CD.

  ms1013 01:05 08 Mar 09

router hasnt been switched off. i have no idea how to re-install, and dont even know of the cd!!

  Forum Editor 01:13 08 Mar 09

They are stored on the router, not the computer, so they'll be unaffected by what you have done. Have you tried connecting the router and the PC via an Ethernet cable, to see if you can connect to the internet that way?

You may need to reinstall the driver for your wireless adapter - the driver should be on a CD that came with the machine. Check the wireless adapter out in Device manager, to make sure that it has been enabled.

  ms1013 01:16 08 Mar 09

unfortunatly dont have any cds or anything, as the computer was my dads and he just gave it to me!! what am i looking for in the device manager?

  Mogsy_Dude 01:29 08 Mar 09

Few things we should know so we can help you a bit more...

1. Is is a Desktop or a Laptop?
2. What Wireless Router do you have?
3. Who's your ISP?

  User-1229748 02:12 08 Mar 09

do you have an icon in bottom right of screen that is two monitors? if so if you hover your cursor on it does it say wireless networks are availiable?if it does then click on connect and if you see your network put in your password and click connect.

  tullie 02:55 08 Mar 09

As FE says,you dont need any CDs.Give us a bit of info about your system,router etc.

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