AlexPB 15:00 23 Dec 07


I have an external hard drive (320Gb). I was just wondering does anybody know if i am able to make this wireless at all so i can access it from my laptops.

BTW i have a wireless internet.


  woodchip 15:04 23 Dec 07

Not unless it is a WiFi drive. If it is you can connect the drive with Ethernet cable not Wireless. then you do not need another computer switched on to get at the files

if on xp,possibly use something like.
click here

  AlexPB 15:29 23 Dec 07

On my wireless internet router i have a USB port on the back, if i plug the External H.D into this what would happen?


  woodchip 16:28 23 Dec 07

your computer will load drivers then you will be abler to see it in my computer or windows explorer as an external drive

  AlexPB 17:28 23 Dec 07

I have plugged it in to try this but it is not showing on my PC.

  tullie 17:31 23 Dec 07

Cant you just plug into computer?

  AlexPB 17:34 23 Dec 07

Well thats what i have been doing but i now havce a new laptop which id like to be able to access this from aswell whilst im around the house wothout having to plug it in all the time.

  AlexPB 18:01 23 Dec 07

Alternatively if i have the H.D plugged into the main PC is there a way of making it wireless to access it from other computers around the house using the same wireless internet


  woodchip 19:08 24 Dec 07

Does it show in Disc Management? right click on My Computer then click Disc Manager

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