Wireess Desktop

  jim63 10:11 06 Feb 09

Wins Vista. I have BT Hub and broadband with desktop pc connected to it with ethernet cable. My laptop is connected via wireless. Can I use desktop wirelessly without cable as well as laptop. If so how do I do it

  Pineman100 10:14 06 Feb 09

Yes, you can.

Your desktop will need to have a wireless adapter, if it hasn't already got one. This can be an internal PCI card or a USB attachment.

  jim63 10:18 06 Feb 09

Thank you. How can I find out if I have one. It,s Packard Bell

  Pineman100 17:44 06 Feb 09

Try doing a google search on the make & model of your computer. That should produce information about its specification.

Or if you're uncertain, post the full make/model information here, and I'll see what I can do.

It's probably unlikely that a desktop will have been fitted with a wireless adapter.

  jim63 09:32 07 Feb 09

Hello Pineman100 Packard Bell ISTART F2310 AIO

  Pineman100 12:09 07 Feb 09

Well, as far as I can see, that model does not a wireless adapter. Its only networking card is a Realtek RTL8139/810x Fast Ethernet NIC, which is an ethernet (ie: needs a cable) networking card.

So to connect wirelessly you have a choice. You can buy a USB wireless adapter, which you plug into a USB port. For example click here

Or you could install an internal wireless networking card - perhaps not the best choice unless you're familiar with this operation (although it's not really difficult). For example click here

Before you choose your device, is your BT hub the latest type, with wireless protocol 802.11N? If so, then it's worth your while having an 'N' capable adapter, for greater speed and range.

  tullie 12:13 07 Feb 09

Of course if your router is next to the desktop theres no point to go wireless.

  jim63 12:27 07 Feb 09

Thanks everyone will decide what to do.

  laurie53 19:44 07 Feb 09

If you go wireless you'll either be losing a USB slot (and wireless adapters are not keen on hubs, they prefer to go straight to the motherboard), or you'll lose an expansion slot to fit a card.

With Ethernet you're using a facility and socket which is,presumably, already there.

I went the opposite way. Tried wireless, and went to Ethernet.

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