wired and wireless

  chippy+ 07 Jun 11

hi at the moment i have a virgin modem and a wireless/wired N router giving me 10m speed i am moving up to 20m and getting a virgin super hub is it better to set it up to suit wired and then connect to wireless i have 4 wired pc's and 3 wireless including a laptop which i use 3 usb dongles working on a home network any advice on setting this up thanks Chippy

  Strawballs 07 Jun 11

With the supplied superhub I don't think there is any setting up to do, just switch everything off connect up and then plug in the hub first leave to settle then turn on the PC's and the wireless will already be setup with encryption, the key for that will be on the bottom of the hub.

  chippy+ 08 Jun 11

Hi Strawballs

thanks for the reply that's good news do you think I will have to redo my home network again to reconise all my 7 pcs thanks Chippy


there was posts referring to lack of posts in the I have noticed this in recent times and I have been a member for 9.5years

  Strawballs 08 Jun 11

I'm not sure on the redo network you will at to try it once set up.

I've been here 10.5 yrs and yes I have noticed too.

  mgmcc 12 Jun 11

"do you think I will have to redo my home network again to reconise all my 7 pcs"

Changing routers shouldn't have any effect on your existing network setup.


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