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  broadlinkdesign.com 10:10 15 May 04


I'm thinking of wiring up my home with netowrk sockets. But I can't decide whether to use long (30m) patch cables or buy 60m of cable on a reel and wire it into sockets.

Which is better?



  Meshuga 14:03 15 May 04

Hardly worth making them up yourself considering how cheaply you can buy readymade. I`ve just bought 10 mtr cables @ £3-23 each +vat from click here. Plus £2-99 P&P. They come in various lengths. Meshuga.

  Satmansq 16:44 15 May 04

Is it really worthwhile to run cables all over the place when wireless can be purchased at a reasonable price.

  broadlinkdesign.com 19:10 15 May 04

Thanks for your replies.

I have thought about wireless, but I live in an old house (200 years) therefore it has very thick walls (1m+) so I don't think that wireless will work very well.



  wawadave 19:16 15 May 04

wireless won,t go through stone or brick walls at all if the old house has these cable would be the route.

  broadlinkdesign.com 19:26 15 May 04

If have bought some cable and sockets and a hub and am installing them whilst typing this.

I have one questtion: when I connect the plug connectors to the wire do I have to use a crimping tool or can I just use pliers?



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