wiping hard drive

  nickyjane 19:59 13 Feb 06

Hi Guys. I am having trouble with my mums pc, I think it would be best to start again, her o/s is xp home with sp1, she has the recovery disc supplied with the machine, It might sound daft but how do I wipe the hard drive clean,is it worth updating to sp2 at the same time. It is a dell pc


  stalion 20:03 13 Feb 06

if you use the recovery disc do not wipe the hard drive you will lose your operating system.
Follow the instructions to use the recovery disc it will take the pc back to the time you first received it.You can then install sp2 if you want to.

  Minkey1 20:04 13 Feb 06

Recovering the system will probably delete all previous data anyway. However, if you post details of the problem someone here may be able to help without this drastic step.

Yes, it is worth getting the SP2 update. It is a big download though if you're not on Broadband.


  stalion 20:05 13 Feb 06

forgot to add if you are useing the recovery disc you will lose all files and software installed since the time of first useing the computer unless you have already done a backup

  skidzy 20:05 13 Feb 06

Nicky....If you do a recovery with the recovery disc i strongly recommend you back up any valuable date as you will lose everything....ie: photo's,documents,etc....Yes i would recommend updating to sp2 also.

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