Wiping a computer clean before passing it on.

  qlrgeorge 18:51 11 Jul 07

qlrgeorge, I would like to pass my computer over to a charity. However, I have had my banking and all my financial dealings on it for the last few years and would like to ensure that whoever gets the computer can't access it. Is there any programme that can wipe all information from the computer?

  User-1159794 18:57 11 Jul 07
  Totally-braindead 19:08 11 Jul 07

Agree with Rapscallion use Killdisk and then reinstall windows.

  howard64 19:51 11 Jul 07

there is a little prog called find my credit card I downloaded it after entering it in google and was amazed to find my credit card no. displayed having thought I had taken great care not to let it be saved etc. Download and run it and let it delete that info for you then use killdisk.

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