wiped h.d but partition has recovery-what now?

  buel 13:53 02 Jun 09

Hi, i have a pc that i just bough with a 120gb hard drive that has been wiped apart from a 20gb partition that contains the recovery files! please can someone tell me how to get the pc to boot from this? (if this IS the way to do it?) It has a Microsoft xp pro sticker on the side of the pc!
Thank you.

  tullie 13:57 02 Jun 09

Dont know the answer except with mine i need a recovery disk to reinstall,which i made when the pc was first purchased.

  Seth Haniel 14:11 02 Jun 09

after switching on When you hit F11, the system boots to another partition on the hard drive.

  T I M B O 14:43 02 Jun 09

What did u use to wipe the hard drive ???

  lotvic 14:48 02 Jun 09

bought yet another pc buel?
how many have you got now? We seem to be helping you to do up 6 different old ones - are you selling them on? :)

As regards this one it will depend on the Make of the pc as to the method for recovery.

How are you getting on with the brand new HP Pavilion dv4-1000ea Vista laptop you bought at Christmas?
Is it any good or are you still having to use your girlfriends Medion laptop to burn all those encoded DVD's you do?

  keef66 14:51 02 Jun 09

what make is the pc? Accessing the recovery partition usually relies on tapping one of the F keys as it starts up. Some manufacturers require the use of a recovery disk too.

  T I M B O 14:54 02 Jun 09

If you had wiped that hard drive, then there will be no recovery partition. Programmes like "Dban" will remove everything TOTALLY, so how come u still have thet 20 Gig partition. Depending on the manufacture, the partition that you have or had should have been burnt to either 7 cd's or 2 dvd's then you can wipe that hard drive if needed, but if you have no recovery disc's then u will have to purchase Vista from the manufacture of that computer. To recover from the hidden partition if F10 or F11, if this does not work then google is ur best friend or RTFM ! lol

  buel 15:34 02 Jun 09

well lotvic, thank you for paying so much attention to my posts, i feel quite touched! well for starters. the hp pavillion is going great guns and is my gf's and she loves it! regarding what seems my many pcs, no im not selling any on but i am trying to help as many of my friends+family out as i can as even though i know very very little i still know more than them, does this help clarify things? my gf says i spend too much time trying to help them out, and she's right but the truth is i get to help them out and learn at the same time, thanks to you guys! to make things easier i said that this particular pc was one i bought when actually it was 1 of 2 that my brother bought from an auction(iv posted that too) and it had no o.s on so assumed it had been wiped but last night i put w7 on and found the partition with the recovery files on! in answer to TIMBO, when i get out of work i will post what pc it is exactly as i cant remember right now! Many many apologies for the huge amount of posts but iv got so many questions in my head+i dont know anyone who can help me other than you kind people here on the helproom!

  cream. 15:38 02 Jun 09

lotvic and his/her mates are such kind persons spending time here helping those who wish to learn.;-)

Disks are in the post:-))

  lotvic 16:40 02 Jun 09

I was just being friendly.

I'll go and finish decorating the bathroom instead.

  buel 19:11 02 Jun 09

No problem Lotvic, i didn't mean to put you off/offend you, you have been a tremendous help to me!!

Ok, the pc says 'Asus' on the front of the case, when i start up it says 'P40 800-VM' and 'ASUS' and then if i press F5 and F7 i get it to this screen:

Windows Boot manager
Choose an operating system ot press Tab to select a tool:
To specify an advanced option for this choice, press F8
Tools: Windows memory diagnostic

When i choose Windows 7 (the only option) and get to the desktop i go to 'My Computer' and i see:

Local disc (c) and Main (D) 8.94gb free of 19.1gb

when i go into the (D) drive i see such files as:
Back up
Compaq (if i go into 'Compaq' the files are V700 INF and ICM FILES)
WINDOWS (3.05gb)

Im guessing that the files for recovery are in the 'WINDOWS' folder?

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