wipe NT-install ME

  landerond 12:10 24 Oct 06

Having difficulty uninstalling NT ( have no start up disc)as I am only very experienced on 9x to ME wiping/reloading have most MS_DOS start ups and MS-DOS o/s discs together 9x and ME o/s discs.And am familar with Fdisk which I ca,nt get into as its MS_DOS which NTFS isnt to compatable


  fitcher 12:23 24 Oct 06

there are loads of free disk wippers on the web i use a free nuke em disk will shift anything off a hard disk ,,all are free downloads as i use linux it shifts the grub that often is hard to shift

  ventanas 12:40 24 Oct 06

You don't need fdisk, but you do need to get the drive back to fat32. To do this boot with startup disc and type format c: /fs:fat32 assuming the drive is C.

For a boot disc click here

  phil46 14:16 24 Oct 06

Put a W98 OR WME floppy in and reboot on the A:\ prompt choose without CD Rom support on the A:\Prompt type fdisk and delete the none dos partition you will then have to format and create the dos partition and make it active put your WME floppy in and disk reboot and install.
You can't convert NTFS TO FAT32 like you can FAT32 to NTFS.

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