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  Evolution 10:32 17 Jun 03


I have used winzip to compress the My Documents folder, which itself contains a directory structure.

Upon reviewing the zipped files, I notice that the directory structure has not been copied and instead, each individual file is listed.

That would mean that upon extraction, the directory structure would not be replicated.

Does anyone have any idea if and how a directory structure can be maintained when zipped.



  OK Computer 10:44 17 Jun 03

WINRAR seems to retain directory structures click here

  DieSse 10:50 17 Jun 03

"That would mean that upon extraction, the directory structure would not be replicated."

How do you know - have you tried it?

Look inside any WinZip file, and you will not see the directory structure, even when there is one.

  OK Computer 11:04 17 Jun 03

I think DieSse is right. Just tried it with Winzip and it does extract its dir structure..

as the yanks would say "my bad"!

  MadNige 11:13 17 Jun 03

Winzip lists the path separate from the filename, by default in a column at the right of the WZ window (titled 'Path', amazingly).

If you don't see the column, select Options-Configuration and check the Path box in the Columns panel

I don't know of any way to make Winzip 8 not store the paths, this was certainly possible using PKZip, so maybe it is an option in some older version of Winzip.

  Evolution 12:56 17 Jun 03

You are right.

My include subfolders box was not checked.

When viewed, individual files are shown but when extracted the folder structure is there.


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