WinXP v Win98 performance issue

  madwab 14:56 20 Jan 04

OK. I've got a Athlon 2800 cpu with 333 fsb, a Via KT600 motherboard supporting fsb up to 400, I've got dma 133 hard drives and I've got more than enough ram, clocked at 400; and a Radeon 9000 agp graphics card - the weak link, but my problem isn't 3d gaming...this system should be fairly fast for 2d work.

But under XP, when I win a game of solitaire, the animation is sloooooow. I don't remember there being a brake in it to keep the speed constant, but maybe I'm wrong. The problem isn't hardware, because under Win98 the animation completes in about a tenth of a second - faster than I can measure it. XP doesn't seem particularly slow - I can play Age of Mythology against the max. no. of opponents and it doesn't seem to mind - so my question is, why is that solitaire animation running so slowly?


  madwab 14:59 20 Jan 04

that this is on a clean XP install, without graphics card or other drivers; and that adding in drivers makes no difference.

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