winxp shuts down for 2 mins & then restarts

  dobbin 15:38 24 Mar 08

I know this is an old chestnut that keeps coming up but my wife's computer has suddenly refused to shut down for more than 2 minutes. If you select shut down it shuts down then suddenly after 2 mins starts itself up. Unlike me she never fiddles with the computer and just uses it for business, for word processing, emails and internet browsing.

I have tried several system restores, and checked the power options but have run out of ideas as to what else to try other than unplugging it every night.

  recap 16:00 24 Mar 08

Run the antivirus program on the computer to see if there is a virus.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:18 24 Mar 08

Disable "wake on LAN" or "wake on ring" in the BIOS.

could also be a symptom of a failing PSU.

  dobbin 09:01 25 Mar 08

Fruit Bat, you were absolutely right the psu failed completely this morning

  pchelper001 09:05 25 Mar 08

i was just going to say failing psu, that happened to me a few weeks ago.

A quick change of psu, and everything was back to normal.

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