WinXP Problems

  akzah 10:00 21 Mar 03


Yersterday while playing a game, the computer crashed and on restarting it crashed and came up with "stop errors" as it entered XP.

This kept occuring, I went into safe mode and everything seemed okay and no problems in the Device Manager, I ran system restore and XP loaded up normally and I thought it must have been a small problem in XP.

Few hours later XP crashed and the same thing occured once again as before.

I decided that I should resintall XP, I tried to use the repair function but that failed as it would not reinstall. So I used the other way which deleted the windows and reinstalled.

Its now working okay, though I am worried the same thing happen again, and need to find out why this is happened???

  hugh-265156 11:14 21 Mar 03

what game?it may need a patch. have you got the latest drivers for your graphics card?have you installed any software recently?

  akzah 11:38 21 Mar 03

Cricket 2002, Yes, I have latest NVIDIA Drivers, like I said in safe mode the Device Manager showed no problems.

I am going to test it tonight to see if it crahes again after using WinXP Normally.

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