Winsows Error message Meaning?

  Quilljar 13:44 10 Nov 05

A friend has asked me to fix her computer. Win XP Home no upgrades Applications will not run. When you try to run any one, you get the following message,

Memory access violation in module kernel32 ay 5944; 37547485

I have searched the web with no success? Can anyone suggest what I may do?

Would it help to re-install Windws XP?


  Quilljar 13:46 10 Nov 05

Read Windows Error Message Meaning?

and in error message read at for ay !


  Skyver 15:36 10 Nov 05

When you say `no upgrades` do you mean `no updates`?
Try XP repair, put the CD in and let it boot, follow the prompts as though you were going to re-install, at some point you will be asked if you want to repair the current installation, press R to do so.

  Quilljar 16:50 10 Nov 05

Thanks Skyver, I will try the repair idea.
I meant she has no Service packs added just the vanilla XP Home. She is on dial-up and downloads take too long etc etc.

  ACOLYTE 17:32 10 Nov 05

You used to be able to get sp2 from pc world free of charge on a cd,may be worth looking if they still have some copyies left all she needs then is the follow up updates.

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