Binary Ghost (the only Paul) 22:28 05 Nov 06

I have downloaded a large file that is split into several smaller .rar files. As you do u extract the first one then they all follow suit but after its finished.. the extracted file just disapears! This has happened several times on different files. Can anyone suggest why? There are no .rar files missing as it extracts fine, then disapears.

  woodchip 22:32 05 Nov 06

Did you tell it where to extract to? Check Temporary Folder for extra folder and or files

yes m8..i extracted it to the same folder that the dif .rar files were in...when i started extraction..i saw the folder being made and the file was inside it to be seen (oviously not the full file as it was still being extracted but then when finsihed it just disapeared.

and yes iv checked the temp folder and nothing there :-)

  woodchip 22:48 05 Nov 06

Then it's got me! Did you try getting the files from a different site. I don't like what happened above. There is no knowing what went off

  woodchip 22:50 05 Nov 06

You could try a different folder

well nothing has came up on my antivirus or spyware alert, and it is from a trusted website..i will try the mirror if there is 1 but i dont think there is anyting faulty with the file as its happened twice on 2 different files...i think its something im doing wrong, or its this dam laptop lol cheers anyways woodchip. anyone else with any suggestions?

  JYPX 23:19 05 Nov 06

Quite a mystery this one. How can you be sure that there are no files missing? For example if there are 10 rar files in the set and you have 1 to 8, Winrar will start the extraction process. When you click extract have you tried ticking the Keep Broken Files box to force extraction, even if incomplete?

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