Ramification 19:40 14 Apr 04

my pc is writing in wingdings font or something similar... all my fonts on screen and everywhere - desktop etc is in wingding font or something . all ive done is install a driver for a cd writer and rebooted. help please!!!!

  johnnyrocker 19:46 14 Apr 04

see my post earlier on this subject.


  Eastender 19:49 14 Apr 04

It's at click here

  Ramification 19:57 14 Apr 04

thanks... but the link doesnt work... could you try again please? thanks again!

  VoG II 19:58 14 Apr 04

Link works here. Do any links work?

  Eastender 20:00 14 Apr 04

No, they're lazy bs.

  Ramification 20:01 14 Apr 04

other links work... weird. that particular link opens a blank box then when i try to close it, it causes a program not responding type message

  Eastender 20:03 14 Apr 04

Try right clicking and choosing 'Open In New Window'

Does that work, please post back. cheers Roy

  ensonricky 20:05 14 Apr 04

It just suggested the problem is due to a virus and suggests you run adaware or spybot search and destroy.

  Ramification 20:06 14 Apr 04

no, same problem. although im looking at wingding symbols when rightclicking!! (second one down selected)

  Ramification 21:32 14 Apr 04

hey people, i scanned using mcafee and removed a trojan.restarted and any ideas on what to do next anyone? cheers

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