WinFax \ internet Fax

  hgrock 12:34 26 Feb 03

Hello to all outthere.
I used Winfax to send and recieve faxes when i used dial-up, now i am on broadband i don't think it will work ( no phone conection). I have a fax machine but one phone line. has anyone used the internet fax services? to send and recieve faxes. any recomendations? i would like to recieve faxes from home and abroad

  chalkie 14:35 26 Feb 03

I have a Broadband connection and Winfax Pro. unless you have removed the modem it should work as before, you can still use the phone for voice calls so there should be no difference.

  hgrock 14:48 26 Feb 03

I have removed the modem

  chalkie 23:29 26 Feb 03

Sorry for the delay in replying, had to go to work!

I would not remove the modem, put it back in, the net fax services are not much use as i have found. Just use a double adaptor and continue as you did before, is there a reason that you removed the modem?

  hgrock 00:19 27 Feb 03

don't have com ports on board and madem was external have only usb2 ports, don't want to convert just to send faxes thanks anyway

  Qmar 01:22 27 Feb 03 services is useful...I have used it... but you are given an '09..' phone number for your clients to use.

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