WinDVD 3.1 re-installed and now no picture...

  as400man 15:34 23 Oct 04

I have re-formatted my hard drive and re-installed XP Pro. I re-installed Intervideo WinDVD 3.1 which had been running for a couple of years with no problems. I re-installed the software a couple of times but still no picture. Sound is OK and Windows Media Player still works as before. Any ideas?
Thanks and regards,

  JIM 16:13 23 Oct 04

Take it you have the latest version and updates for Direct X since your re-formatt etc.?

You could check also that Direct x diagnostic tool shows all is well with system.

May be worth downloading a trial version of Win dvd or Power dvd to see if you have a result. YourWin DVD codec, COder/DECode may be missing or corrupt though i could not say that for sure.

  as400man 23:06 23 Oct 04

I think my display drivers are all up to date but I'll check. The tip about downloading a trial version is an excellent idea, I'll try that tomorrow.
Thanks for taking an interest.

Chris Powell

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