windows.old - can i delete?

having received a b.s.o.d. after trying to stupidly system restore from safe mode, i re-installed Vista and thought that i would lose everything. fortunately a 'windows.old' file kept my previous folders etc. I have moved the program files i need from windows.old into my newly installed vista but some items are 'system files' (presumably from the old install) and need to know if it is safe to delete these as they are taking up valuable space.

many thanks.

  Sea Urchin 09:50 05 Mar 09

How to remove Windows.old

click here

  Sea Urchin 11:26 05 Mar 09

I assume you managed to remove it OK?

for googlers etc. i have this problem everytime i re-install, and always forget how i solved it last time.
problem: it wont delete. you try everything, disc clean up, unlocker, it wont go.
you eventually track it down to a file name written in what looks like arabic.
this is installed in many games and is a piece of junk called secure rom.
deleting the folder with command prompt occasionally works, but the following always seems to work:
ATTRIB -R -S -A -H "C:\Windows.old\Users\NeKroSoft13\AppData\Roaming\ SecuROM\UserData\*"

DEL "C:\Windows.old\Users\NeKroSoft13\AppData\Roaming\ SecuROM\UserData\*"

just change the path to correct place.

  jimv7 13:15 05 Mar 09

adman 2,

when you reinstall, use the tools and format the drive, then windows old will not exist.

ah thanks, i have only ever done a repair install.

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